Let’s come together….

HOI 16 3Let’s come together as friends to share in a night of laughter & cheer while enjoying a few of our favorite cocktails on ice.

The Holiday On Ice Winter Celebration is a bit more than that. As an Honored Guest we ask you to extend love beyond those held closest.  You are responsible for bringing a gift for a young boy or girl and a $25 cash gift to be given to a local charity determined by those in attendance.

For two consecutive years the Holiday on Ice Winter Celebration has been a huge success! As a group we provided over 100 gifts to Riley’s Children’s Hospital and donated roughly $1200 to the Nurse Family Partnership, a maternal health program guiding low-income, first-time moms and their children to successful futures, and the Answers for Autism Organization, a autism organization promoting the advancement of autism research and increasing public awareness. A big round of applause to everyone who came or sent money for this event. Here’s the good news, WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN!!!